If you host a blog on, Tumblr, or Blogger and want to author posts using a Micropub client like Quill or a social reader like Woodwind, is for you! translates micropub posts to various social APIs, and provides an identity layer to use your hosted blogs as your indieweb identity.


“Micropub for Hosted Blogs” was originally suggested by Kevin Marks, written up by Ryan Barrett, and implemented by Kyle Mahan.

It is open source and free to use. It is run by a volunteer in their spare time, so please be nice :)


Yes please! Bug reports, feature requests, documentation and code are all welcome. Get in touch on GitHub or in the #indiewebcamp IRC channel on Freenode.


As much as possible, tries to be a stateless adapter from the micropub API to various social web APIs. It stores only enough information to identify your account. It will only post to your site when and what you tell it to. We will never send you email, never sell or distribute your information, and do not have access to any of your passwords.

Proxy Homepages

Normally, when you give a micropub client your personal URL, it fetches the page looking for <link> elements that tell it where micropub requests should go. Because social sites like Twitter and Facebook don't let you add arbitrary <link> elements to your profile page, provides a special “proxy” homepage for each account.

The proxy homepage has just enough information to tell micropub clients how to auth you and where they should send publish requests. So, instead of logging in to micropub clients with your personal URL, you will need to use this proxy URL (e.g.